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Anxiety and Depression- Lets learn about mental health

drvinayakadm - February 23, 2022 - 0 comments

We are here to discuss about anxiety and depression. A lot of us consider depression and anxiety as a state of mind and believe that we can just snap out of it by being strong. Yes, feeling sad and anxious can be a normal emotional response to certain negative life events. However, it is different from being depressed and having anxiety disorder where this feelings of sadness and anxiety are persistent. It affects our emotions, mood, thoughts, behavior and action to such an extent that it can impair our day-to-day functioning. What causes depression and anxiety? Just like any other physical illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Anxiety disorder and depression are medical illness that caused by certain neurological changes in our mind. There is certain chemical in our brain such as serotonin which affect and control our mood and behavior. A regulations in the level of these chemicals can lead to anxiety and depression.

Image Source – Navbharat Times

If you are feeling depressed. What should you do? Firstly, do to not keep it to yourself. Being depressed and anxious is often accompanied by a feeling of guilt and shame. It makes very difficult for someone to talk about it. Find someone you can trust and let them know how you are feeling. Just letting it out will give you a sense of relief. Secondly to try to keep yourself as engaged as possible.  Exercise, meditate and yoga will help you in that period. Please do not drink alcohol take drugs and do not smoke. It will worsen your situation. Most importantly please seek professional help. So, if you think someone is depressed what is it that you should do? Actually, A lot of people hesitant to talk about depression and ask people how they are feeling for the fear that it might aggravate their emotions.  Talking about anxiety and depression does not worsen. Talk to someone ask them how they are feeling. Listen to them without being judgemental.  Just listening without being judgemental will and reassuring someone that you are there to support them and this will give them a lot of courage and support. Importantly please encourage them to see a professional.

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Friends, invest in yourself, do exercise, do meditation and develop hobby. Most important thing is Invest in developing a strong emotional relationship with your friends and family. Because, you will become the support system for each other in difficult situation. And most importantly please seek professional help for anxiety and depression.

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