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My take on the role of flu vaccination in current scenario

We are currently facing the biggest healthcare challenge in recent times in the form of COVID 19 pandemic. The burden…

vinayakhingane July 6, 2021

How does alcohol affect the liver?

There may be a few skeptics but there is a general consensus that alcohol in excess is bad for the liver. However, very few know the science behind it. Read along if you are interested in learning; I will also discuss in brief about how to identify different types of liver diseases associated with alcohol.

vinayakhingane October 20, 2020

Marathon: risks and safety

हा लेख मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी लिंक: We all know that exercise is good for our health but few believe in…

vinayakhingane November 28, 2018

'The dark clouds and the silver lining' : a story about depression.

हा लेख मराठीत वाचायचा असेल तर लिंक वर क्लिक करा: The nurse quickly put a cannula in his vein….

vinayakhingane December 6, 2016

Effects and Adverse effects

The patient walked in to the casualty with her face drooping on the left side. Her appearance alarmed the medical…

vinayakhingane July 6, 2016

Conspiracy Theories are in vogue

Diabetes is a common condition. The progressively increasing number of people with diabetes is worrying. Changes in diet and living…

vinayakhingane December 5, 2015

Lets talk about smoking

Once in a group discussion, a girl was talking about the financial losses caused by smoking.  To counter her argument,…

vinayakhingane June 17, 2015

Fathers beware!

Though it is “genetics” and “research”, it is not very difficult to understand if we simplify some of the things. In fact, the concept inheritance not alien to us. Article is about how overeating related obesity is transmitted from one generation to the next. It also gives us some food for thought.Here is my attempt to discuss the article in simple language with a try to avoid medical jargon.

vinayakhingane March 19, 2015
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