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वैद्यकशास्त्र वेगाने प्रगत होत आहे. तंत्रज्ञान आणि नवीन पद्धती ह्यामुळे सामान्य लोकांना वैद्यकीय ज्ञान अधिकच किचकट वाटयला लागलं तर त्यात काही नवल नाही. ज्ञानाच्या किचकट रूपामुळे लोकांमध्ये आणि आरोग्यक्षेत्रामध्ये दुरावा वाढतो आहे. हा दुरावा कमी करायचा असेल तर आधुनिक वैद्यकीय ज्ञान सोप्या भाषेत लोकांपर्यंत पोहोचायला हवं. त्यासाठी हा सगळा प्रयत्न आहे. माझ्या ब्लॉगमधील माहिती अचूक आणि शास्त्रीय पण सोप्या भाषेत ठेवायचा प्रयत्न केला आहे. आरोग्याविषयी माझे काही वैयक्तिक अनुभव आणि मतं सुध्दा आहेत. बराचसा मजकुर हा मराठीतच आहे व काही मजकूर इंग्रजी मध्ये सुद्धा आहे. लेख आवडले तर नक्की शेअर करा! तुमच्या प्रतिक्रिया खूप महत्वाच्या आहेत. प्रतिक्रियांसाठी मनापासून आभारी आहे! तुमचे काही प्रश्न असतील तर उत्तरं देण्याचा पूर्ण प्रयत्न करीन. तुमचाच .

डॉ विनायक हिंगणे

Healthcare has made rapid progress. With the advent of new technology and new knowledge , it is not surprising that the general public finds it more difficult to understand the field of medicine. The complexity of knowledge is widening the gap between people and the health sector. If this gap is to be bridged, modern medical knowledge must be communicated to the people in simple language. And that is the reason for this website. I have tried to keep the information in my blog accurate and updated but in a simple language. I also have some personal experiences and opinions about health & diseases. Most of the text is in Marathi, while some of it is in English. Definitely share if you like the articles! Your feedback is very important. Thank you so much for the feedback! If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer. Yours

Dr. Vinayak Hingane


Dr. Vinayak Hingane MBBS, DNB(Medicine)

Consultant Physician with a special interest in Diabetes Reversal and Lifestyle Modification

Kokoko Momomo and Superhero's Meal

By Dr.Vinayak Hingane

Variety in food is an important factor for a healthy balanced meal. Children (and some adults too) are fussy eaters. Fastidious eating may lead to health problems. Variety in diet , on other hand, protects us from diseases. This book explores the concept of variety in our everyday meals. Kids are told to eat ‘everything’.
This story talks about ‘what does everything mean?’. Usually children love to eat while listening to stories. Kokoko Momomo wonders what should he eat to become strong and smart like a superhero.This story imbibes that different nutritional groups are important in making us strong and smart.
The book is equipped with interesting pictures to captivate the attention of young ones. This book is bilingual (Marathi and English). This will help children to develop interest and skills in both languages. This will help Marathi grandparents to bond with children.
This book is written by Dr Vinayak Hingane who is a physician . He is an expert in treating lifestyle related diseases(diabetes, high blood pressure etc) . He believes that it is extremely important to teach healthy eating habits in early childhood.It can prevent diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Hard copy:


  • Due to COVID19 crisis, we are also open for teleconsultation in limited timings for patients. Please follow the link to get registered and book an appointment

  • COVID 19 साथीमुळे आम्ही टेली – कंसल्टेशन (ऑनलाईन सल्ला) सुद्धा देत आहोत. हे सशुल्क आहे. नोंदणी साठी कृपया खालील लिंक वापरावी:

With my inspiration Dr Michael Mosley . He is a psychiatrist, BBC presenter and writer. It is important to explain medical knowledge and medical research to lay people in simple language. He does it exceptionally well. Check out his series “Trust me I am a doctor “on BBC. He is the author of books like Fast diet, Fast exercise and 8 week Blood sugar diet.

 Dr. Vinayak Hingane also has extensive clinical work experience in the United KIngdom. He has worked at the department of Medicine & Acute care medical unit at the Walsall Manor Hospital. This experience has helped him gain insight in the practice of medicine in the western world. It was during this time that, he came across the pioneering research of Professor Roy Tayor on remission of type 2 Diabetes with lifestyle modification. This has been the key motivating factor for Dr. Vinayak to continue working in the field of Diabetes Reversal.

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